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How to Brew Japanese Sencha green tea

For a western style brew you are going to want to have about 2.5g – 3g of loose leaf tea per 200-250ml of water. For a stronger, more traditional flavour you’ll want to double the amount of Sencha green tea leaves OR halve the amount of water. Ideally you want to have the water temperature […]

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Welcome to TheTeaDrunkard.com

I discovered the beauty of tea culture and the many benefits of drinking different kinds of tea while travelling Asia for many years. I had no idea how to speak the local languages, however I did not let that stop me from going socializing with the locals. Many times I was invited to sit down […]

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My introduction to loose leaf tea.

Out of all the countless drinks around the world, I have to say that tea is my favourite. I first fell in love with tea in 2013, in China.  My friends there had introduced me to various types of Chinese tea. From sweet white tea to green tea, to the more acquired Pu’erh tea. Cha, as it is called there, had enamoured me. Read more

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3 Reasons Drinking Tea Is Healthy

It’s no lie. Tea is a healthy drink. Here’s why: Tea Has Zero Calories You won’t find one calorie in loose leaf tea, or bagged tea for that matter. If you drink tea without milk or sugar, as is common practice for many types of tea, you won’t consume any calories. One of the main […]

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White Peony Bai Mudan

What Is White Peony Tea (Bai/Pai Mudan Tea)?

White Peony Tea is a type of loose leaf tea that is minimally processed. Two leaves and a shoot are plucked from the tea tree (Camellia Sinensis). White Peony is also called Bai Mudan or Pai Mu Dan. Bai Mudan tea is then laid out in the sun to dry and then briefly piled to […]

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I was challenged to a competition!

My long time friend Dan over at Two Foreigners recently challenged me to make a dramatic video about tea. This came out of nowhere and cannot stand! I have to rise to the challenge! I have a few ideas kicking around upstairs. I’ll ask my actor friends if they would like to help out and […]

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Tea review Goishicha Fremented tea.

My friend from Japan brought this tea back to Canada. It’s very delicious.

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Hong Yi Tea – Tie Guan Yin

I received this tea from a friend in Vancouver whom brought it over from Taiwan. I don’t know much about the tea but it tastes great. It’s very mellow. This tea was very light and fruity. I liked it’s aroma very much.

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Akita Super Sencha – A Super Tasty Green Tea

Akita Super Sencha

Akita Super Sencha

Akita Super Sencha is a a premium tea from China, made with Japanese style and standards. Tea was introduced to Japan by the Chinese many hundreds of years ago. This hand plucked tea uses only the finest leafs from camellia sinensis. Each leaf is examined for it’s colour, breadth and length to get an even grading. 

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Tea Drunkeness

Tea drunkenness is a hotly debated topic among tea connoisseurs. Some of this debate stems from the fact that many people use the term “tea drunk” to mean different things. For some it means a hangover feeling from drinking too much tea, while for others (such as myself) it refers to the high feeling you get when consuming a lot of high-quality tea.

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Sencha Tea with Duckman aka TK Entertainer

I met with TK Entertainer for a cup of tea and listened to what he had to say about tea, life and his mission to put a smile on everyone’s face.

TK: My name is TK Entertainer and I am a street performer. I play bucket drums as a busker and I travel all over the world. Read more