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How to Brew Japanese Sencha green tea

For a western style brew you are going to want to have about 2.5g – 3g of loose leaf tea per 200-250ml of water. For a stronger, more traditional flavour you’ll want to double the amount of Sencha green tea leaves OR halve the amount of water. Ideally you want to have the water temperature […]

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Welcome to TheTeaDrunkard.com

I discovered the beauty of tea culture and the many benefits of drinking different kinds of tea while travelling Asia for many years. I had no idea how to speak the local languages, however I did not let that stop me from going socializing with the locals. Many times I was invited to sit down […]

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Tea Drunkeness

Tea drunkenness is a hotly debated topic among tea connoisseurs. Some of this debate stems from the fact that many people use the term “tea drunk” to mean different things. For some it means a hangover feeling from drinking too much tea, while for others (such as myself) it refers to the high feeling you get when consuming a lot of high-quality tea.

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Sencha Tea with Duckman aka TK Entertainer

I met with TK Entertainer for a cup of tea and listened to what he had to say about tea, life and his mission to put a smile on everyone’s face.

TK: My name is TK Entertainer and I am a street performer. I play bucket drums as a busker and I travel all over the world. Read more